• How is your quality?

Our notes are on a quality level which is called supernotes. only extremely high quality banknotes which even cannot be found with counterfeit checking machines deserve this quality level.

  • Do you offer samples?

We are sorry, we have so many site visitors, asking for samples.

Because most people are not going to place an order afterwards we decided not to send samples anymore.

This is not negotiable.

How can i buy a product?

  1.  Click on “Shop” in the upper menu.
  2.  Click on the product you are interested in.
  3.  Select the amount you wish to buy.
  4.  Click on “Add to Cart”.
  5.  Click on “View Cart” in the upper right corner.
  6.  Click on “Proceed to Checkout”.
  7.  Enter your address data & select payment method.
    7.1 No payment method selected: For test purposes, your order will be deleted automatically.
    7.3 Bitcoin Payment: Read this article on how to buy and use Bitcoins.
  8.  Click on “Place order”.
    8.1 If you have selected Bitcoin Payment you will now have to pay. Read this article, its important.

We dont accept orders via email except we tell you to give us some information.

  • Is my data safe?

Yes. We are deleting your information once we have sent your order.

The communication between you and our servers is encrypted with ssl.

Our servers are running a so called “ramdisk”. Most computers store data on their harddrive from which you can read the data after shutting down the computer.

But not so in our case. Our data is stored in a virtual disk which is stored in the memory (RAM).
The RAM will be cleared in the same moment if you power off the computer (which you have to, if you want to read anything from it)

  • How quick are your shipping methods?

Free Shipping, worldwide: 5-7 days

  • Will i receive a tracking id?

Of course we only can ship tracked packages & envelopes.

You will receive the tracking id via email once it has been shipped.

Where do you ship from?

We have two shipping centers.

We are shipping from within the United States for north- and southamerican customers.

We are also shipping from Gibraltar for european, asian, australian and african customers.

  • What happens if the order gets stolen/lost?

If the order gets seized/stolen/sth else we will reship.
Because all orders are tracked we will know it once it doesnt move anymore.
However, this happens to 1 of 1.000 orders only.